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When you are ready to begin the process of designing or updating your dental laboratory, Dental Lab Design can be your partner to create the best possible workspace for dental technicians working at your dental office or laboratory. Dental Lab Design manufactures laboratory furniture, dental lab equipment, benches, utility workstations and fume hoods.

All other dental laboratory accessories such as seating, lighting, dust collection systems and other accessories are available through our partners – each providing a best-in-class product – to give you a complete solution that fits your specific needs.

Our workstation products are manufactured to DIN ISO standards. This means that every work bench is replicable and identical to the next. All parts are cut with the latest in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, so each piece of furniture fits perfectly together for a quality finish and appearance that is second to none.

Other features of our dental lab equipment that reflect the quality of our products include:

  • Each product is made from hospital grade, high pressure laminate, laminated plywood or melamine
  • Utility chases are invisible, integrated into the work bench core
  • Underneath the table top, each work bench includes:
    • 2 x 30 inch wide drawers, with one for precious metal grinds and one for waste
    • 2 x 15 inch wide drawers with utensil inserts, located above a 4 drawer cabinet
    • 1 x lockable compartment for personal items
    • Drawers include Blumotion slides, a feature used in high end kitchens, capable of supporting a load of up to 75 pounds per drawer
    • Drawer inserts, which can be easily removed
  • Moving parts, like doors or drawer front panels, are surrounded by 2 mm protective edge band, which is professionally mounted attached using a high pressure and heat process applied with a state-of-the-art assembly machine
  • Door hinges are Euro/cup style, for greater durability and aesthetic qualities

Dental Lab Design manufactures dental lab benches, technician
workstations and utility benches or islands.
dental lab work bench
Here is an example of a Dental Lab Design workstation. We offer several standard models, or you can create custom workbenches to meet your specific needs. Dental Lab Design provides dental lab benches and technician workstations that are constructed with the highest quality and durability, which are then delivered to you at an affordable price. Learn more >>
Since 1980, Werksitz chairs have become an industry leading provider of ergonomic chairs. This reputation was built by providing products that are durable, comfortable, and are built with the highest technical standards. Learn more >>
dental lab dust collectors Since 1968 Integral Systems, Inc. has manufactured high quality precision dental laboratory products for the dental industry. The removal of dust from a work environment is critical for health and quality reasons. Integral’s scalable dust collection solutions feature functional designs that allow for easy in-lab maintenance and repair so you can focus on your lab, and not your equipment. Learn more >>
Since 1999, Filtertechnik Brockmann (FTB) has been a leading provider of dental filter bags – an integral component of dust collection systems. Use Filtertechnik Brockmann filters to ensure your dust filtration system works at the highest level of quality. Learn more >>
dental lab lights
Every dental workstation needs very high illuminance to address the difficult visual demands of dental laboratory operations. Dental Lab Design provides Floating Arm Tasklight lamps and Rise and Fall adjustable Pendant lamps to address all of the lighting requirements of your dental workstation. Learn more >>
BDT Steam Cleaner
Maintaining a clean work environment is critical for every dental workstation. Dental Lab Design is a registered dealer with BDT GmbH, a provider of industrialized cleaning solutions designed specifically for dental lab environments. Learn more >>

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