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Lighting is an essential component to a dental workstation. Dental Lab Design offers floating arm tasklight lamps and adjustable Rise and Fall Pendant Lamps to ensure the right level of illumination is provided. Regardless what type of task a technician is performing, it is critical to have the right amount of light, and that there are no shadows to impact the quality of work.

Compact dental lab tasklight lamps are highly suitable for dental work benches, which come in various models and dimensions. Our products offer a sleek design that is equipped with a single compact fluorescent lamp with:

  • 5300 Kelvin
  • Up to 2200 lux at a distance of 40cm
  • High-quality aluminum reflector
  • Very lightweight
  • Ball joints to support multiple movements, as swivable and tiltable
  • Smooth-action, friction based swivel arm made of aluminum, with a special section tube that offers an integrated switch
  • Spring-supported center and base joints
  • Available as LED or fluorescent
  • Electronic ballast

Adjustable Rise and Fall Pendant Lamps are available for single-person dental work benches. Equipped with two 55W or 80W TC-L compact fluorescent tubes, these lamps offer either mixed light or standard light colors with:

  • 4000 Kelvin neutral white or 5400 Kelvin (80W 5800K) daylight
  • Up to 5000 lux or 5400 lux on the work surface at a distance of 50cm
  • Bright large-area illumination of the entire work surface
  • Electronic ballast
  • RMD P 80/2, which provides perfect illumination even from higher positions
  • Anti-glare shields are included as standard
  • Height-adjustable, between 500 mm and 1500 mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 800x195x61mm
  • Standard color is aluminum silver/black

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