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Dental Lab Design is highly proficient in designing and building dental laboratory environments. It is all we do. Anyone can build a desk or sell you a chair, lighting or other accessories. Dental Lab Design utilizes extensive industry knowledge and expertise to design and built a state-of-the-art dental laboratory designed specifically for a laboratory work environment. Our lab design services produce durable, safe and efficient work stations that promote healthy, ergonomically-friendly work settings. The extensive industry experience that Dental Lab Design has gained by working with small, medium and large laboratories means that we can create a custom product that best optimizes your existing workspace.

Dental laboratory technicians must flawlessly perform highly detailed work with the utmost care and attention. Dental Lab Design offers technicians dental laboratory concepts that can then be applied in the most efficient, ergonomically-friendly manner. Our design services help ensure technicians working on crown, bridge, prosthesis and other appliance tasks perform their work at the highest possible level of quality.

Our philosophy is not to put as many workbenches into a dental laboratory as possible. Rather, we create an environment where technicians are comfortable. Happy, satisfied technicians mean happy business proprietors. Ergonomic work environments translate into fewer sick leaves. Technicians that enjoy spending time in their laboratory can work more efficiently and safely, helping to enable a more satisfying work environment, and ideally, less employee turnover.

Below are samples of Dental Lab Design client workstation configurations.Contact us to arrange for a no-obligation design consultation to see what options exist to update, expand or create a new dental lab work environment.

dental lab bench dental lab bench
dental lab bench dental lab bench
dental lab bench dental lab bench

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