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Integral Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer that produces scalable dust collection solutions for today’s dental labs that outlast the competition. Their quality is attributed to straight-forward component designs, which are constructed from high quality materials. Their dental lab dust collection systems are designed to allow easy in-lab maintenance and repair so you can spend more time with your customers – and not fixing equipment. Below is a list of the dust collection systems and filters that Dental Lab Design offers as part of our dental workstation solutions, to help ensure a healthy, clean work environment for your dental lab technicians. Each of these products is manufactured to the highest quality and precision specifications.

v80 dental dust collector
V808 dental dust collector
V86 dental dust collector
V80             V808        V86

Integral Systems Dust Collector filter Bag
Integral Systems dental cartridge filter
Dust Collector
Filter Bag
Cartridge Filter

Click here to view a comparison of the features found in these dental dust collector systems.

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