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Filtertechnik Brockmann (FTB) – Order replacement dental filter bags for Freuding, KaVo and Vaniman Manufacturing Dust Collectors.

Filtertechnik Brockmann (FTB) is a leading provider of dental filter systems, due in large part to the focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. With 15+ years of experience and a highly flexible, competent and motivated team, FTB delivers quality products and service with a passion. Filtertechnik Brockmann systems are certified as DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004 compliant.

FTB Replacement Filter Bags are available for sale @ $38.90 + shipping and sales tax, where applicable. To learn more, or to order FTB replacement filter bags, please contact us.

Freuding Filter Systems

FTB-Replacement filter bag applicable for Freuding TA 035 5
Freuding TA 035 5
1 unit = 3 pc in a sealed bag

KaVo Filter Systems

FTB-Replacement filter bag applicable for KaVo /EWL 0.658.2160
Kavo Filters
1 unit = 5 pc in a sealed bag

Vaniman Filter Systems


1 unit = 5 pc in a sealed bag

Fine Dusts are Harmful. Protect your Dental Technician’s Health with FTB Dust Collection Filter Bags.

The average dust exposure of a dental technician amounts to 12 kg a year. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the use of a local exhaust ventilation system is significant in reducing the peak concentration of methyl methacrylate vapor in the breathing zone of dental technicians. For these reasons it is critical to use an optimal dust extraction system. The biggest danger exists in fine dust – specifically particles sized between 0,01 and 1 μm – are most dangerous in the lungs. Other harmful contaminants include cobalt, nickel, beryllium, quartz, cements, gold and other synthetic materials. Using an exhaust ventilation system and regularly changing the filters can help to significantly reduce the potential harmful effects of these materials.

Click here to view the FTB Confirmation of materials used and replacement bag mapping for the manufacturers listed above.

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