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As a dental laboratory owner, you understand the importance of having the best work environment, tools and equipment. It is in everyone’s best interest that technicians operate at the highest level of quality. Whether performing a restorative or corrective treatment, dental lab technicians need a work space that is well lit, ventilated and ergonomically designed. Dental Lab Design can provide you with this type of product.

Dental lab technicians perform work that is part art and part science. As a result, these technicians carry out a critical role in the world of dentistry. Their work must be completed with the greatest of precision and craftsmanship. Installing new dental laboratory workstations can have a profound impact on the work that a technician provides. Why take a chance hurting the dentist relationships you have spent years cultivating? Now is the time to consider a new workstation from Dental Lab Design.

With over two decades of experience, Dental Lab Design manufactures its products to the highest level of precision, durability and ergonomic standards. An acute attention to detail means that our Lab Benches and Workstations can enhance work flow efficiency and quality while reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Healthier work environments mean less sick time, which translates into a healthier bottom line.

Our philosophy is not to put as many lab benches into a dental laboratory as possible. Rather, we create working environments where dental technicians are comfortable, can work with proper posture and can avoid getting hurt or tired. Given the investment you have already made in your staff, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that their working environment lets work be completed in the best possible way?

Dental Lab Design Offers Outstanding Value

As a best-in-class company, Dental Lab Design produces superior quality lab benches, workstations and furniture for your dental laboratory or dental office. Our products are built to the highest quality standards, yet are competitively priced. This means you can rest assured that your purchase will provide years of trouble free ownership, creating a strong value proposition and return on investment.

By leveraging years of manufacturing and design experience, our skilled craftsmen and production facilities construct our products with a level of quality that is second to none. Take advantage of our low overhead, local production facilities and extensive experience to deliver the strongest value proposition in the industry.

Now is the Time to Act

Lab technicians working with quality equipment and modern features are more likely to produce quality output. By replacing older tables and benches you can remove sharp edges, add arm rests and protective glass shields, and incorporate a robust dust suction system to create a better work environment that will likely lead to higher quality output. Why wait to modernize your dental workstation infrastructure?

Alternatively, if you are expanding your lab or opening new locations, now is the time to act. Let Dental Lab Design create an optimal work environment for you that enables the highest quality of work. Take the first step and contact our design consulting team. We offer a free initial consultation to help you decide your options, what potential improvements are possible as well as how long the process might take.

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